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On tour in the Wadden Sea

Photo: Vadehavskysten

Experience nature on your own or with a guide. If you want to know more about the nature around the unique Wadden Sea, we recommend that you begin your journey of discovery with a visit to the Wadden Sea Center - a place for the whole family.

At the Wadden Sea Centre you will get an insight into the dynamic wetland, the Wadden Sea ecosystem and culture.

Guided tours - e.g. Marsh and dike near Ribe. Join a local guide and get the whole story about The Wadden Sea's dynamic nature and particular culture, for more information


Seal safari in the Wadden Sea

Nowhere can you experience Denmark's largest predator, the seal, up close as in the Wadden Sea. Here are in abundance the sandbanks that the seal seeks to rest and breed. The seal is today protected, and it is estimated that approx. 5000 seals live in the Danish part of the Wadden Sea.

Black Sun and other bird trips

Only a few experiences show the greatness of nature as Black Sun. It is breathtaking to see the large flocks with hundreds of thousands of starlings. Whether they are "dancing" in the evening sky or just gathering to find a night seat among the reeds.

Oyster safari in the Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea offers many delicacies - and both plants and animals are almost ready to pick - salicornia, seagrass, shrimp, mussels and the finest of them all, oysters.

Tour ferry Mandøpigen
Photo: Mandøpigen

Tour ferry Mandøpigen

With the tour boat Mandøpigen, you get unforgettable nature experiences. At sea in the Wadden Sea, you will experience seals up close and pick fresh oysters, directly from nature's own pantry.

Wadden Sea Tours with Wadden Sea Centre
Photo: Vadehavscentret

Wadden Sea Tours with Wadden Sea Centre

Birds in the sky, an ocean teeming with life and sandbars rising in the horizon. Regardless of the weather and the season the Wadden Sea is an authentic experience.

Club Fanø  | activities for everyone
Photo: Club Fanø

Club Fanø | activities for everyone

Club Fanø is Fanø's largest organizer of activities and excursions.

Hiking by the Wadden Sea - Esbjerg
Photo: Torben Meyer, Esbjerg Byhistoriske Arkiv

Hiking by the Wadden Sea - Esbjerg

For a close-up experience of the Wadden Sea, you can’t beat a stroll across the mudflats at low tide.


Hiking along the Wadden Sea

Go for a walk by the Wadden Sea. The nature at Ribe, Esbjerg and Fanø offers many beautiful experiences. Take a walk on the dike at Kammerslusen, visit the beautiful Marbæk or you can also take the ferry to Fanø and follow the route "The Big Five".

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