Black Sun and other bird trips

Photo: Vadehavskysten

Only a few experiences show the greatness of nature as Black Sun. It is breathtaking to see the large flocks with hundreds of thousands of starlings. Whether they are "dancing" in the evening sky or just gathering to find a night seat among the reeds.

In the birds' spring and autumn migration, the fascinating sight appears in many places along the Wadden Sea, and you can easily be lucky to experience the flocks yourself.

Also experience the migratory birds in the Wadden Sea National Park, where the birds meet to refuel before the big trip to the wintering grounds to the south. Occasionally a sea eagle can be spotted and if you are lucky also a spoonbill.

Season for Black Sun March / April and September / October.

When we go birdwathcing

The Wadden Sea is home, respite and larder for millions of birds and one of the best places to observe birds in Denmark. We have put together a list of tips for enjoying birdwatching in the Wadden Sea responsibly.

  • We stay on the paths, trails and roads, to avoid disturbing the natural environment.
  • We move slowly and with patience, and avoid making a lot of noise.
  • We respect that some areas are temporarily closed for access during breeding season.
  • We pay special attention to signs of distress, restlessness and alarm calls, moving away slowly if we observe them.
  • We use the existing birdwatching facilities.
  • We avoid the use of acoustics to lure birds – and especially during mating season.
  • We avoid the use of flash when we photograph or film birds, and use only hides or tents with the agreement of the landowner.
  • We only use drones with the permission of the Danish Transport, Building and Housing Authority.
  • When we birdwatch in groups, we take extra care not to disturb our surroundings and stay together.
  • We pick up any rubbish we find, even if it is not our own.
  • We are guests in nature and strive to avoid disturbing birds and seals, who use up essential energy when taking flight or hauling out.

Wadden Sea National Park - Code of Conduct