Hiking along the Wadden Sea

Photo: Ulrik Pedersen

Go for a walk by the Wadden Sea. The nature at Ribe, Esbjerg and Fanø offers many beautiful experiences. Take a walk on the dike at Kammerslusen, visit the beautiful Marbæk or you can also take the ferry to Fanø and follow the route "The Big Five".

On this site we have selected some of the beautiful walking tours in our area.

Have fun out there!

Hiking in the National Park

When you are hiking, you can really get up close and personal with our unique and wild nature. Happily, we have a great variety of hiking trails offering quiet, reflection and huge amounts of sky.

We have put together a list of tips to help you have the most fantastic hike, while helping us protect our incredible nature:

  • We stick to using the many wonderful and sign posted hiking trails. This ensures we have the best chances of observing wildlife and locals, all while not getting lost!
  • We respect that some areas may be closed to access during breeding season.
  • We avoid walking on dykes, unless there are sign posted trails. • We can forage for mushrooms and edible plants, but leave wild flowers and protected plants for others to enjoy as well.
  • We avoid lighting open fires in areas with vegetation or places where fires have been banned – and enjoy our bonfire coffee at one of the many designated rest posts.
  • We pick up any rubbish we find, even if it is not our own.
  • We are guests in nature and strive to avoid disturbing birds and seals, who use up essential energy when taking flight or hauling out.
  • We understand and respect that the Wadden Sea is ruled by wind and water, and therefore always ensure we have checked the weather conditions before setting out.

Wadden Sea National Park - Code of Conduct