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Guided tours in Ribe

The history of Ribe - the oldest town of Denmark, is long, dramatic and fantastic. There are stories everywhere in Ribe. Make your visit a very special experience by walking around the historic streets and alleys with a Guide.

There are many options
Book your own guided tour, you decide time and place. Buy a ticket for one of the public town walks and experience the city. Join a guided tour in one of the city's many attractions.

Due to the current Corona restrictions, it is not possible to carry out tours in the cathedral. Max. 30 participants per guide and all must keep 2 meters distance to the guide. However guided tours in the museums can be carried out with up to 9 persons, school groups can be up to 25 persons.

Short-Term Bookings - Please note that it is not possible to make a short-term booking of a tour up to or during weekends and public holidays.

Are you a company, a staff club or a union and do you need help and ideas coordinating your next arrangement, meeting or conference, please contact Cecilie Lykkegaard Nielsen.

Our most popular guided tours

Book and pay for private guided city walks, there are several themes to choose from. See here for more guided tours