Par ved Vadehavet | Vadehavskysten

Holiday in Denmark - by the Wadden Sea

Photo: @Flying October

Are you looking for unique nature experiences or authentic cultural and historical experiences? The Wadden Sea in Denmark has it all.
Regardless of you are a family with or without children, the Wadden Sea has something to offer.

Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark. The atmosphere in the medieval town centre can't be described in words. You have to see it yourself. It offers a lot of fantastic historical experiences.
The cobbled streets and well-preserved houses tell a story that goes back to the year 700 when the Vikings founded a market place. A place that today is known as the town of Ribe.

In the oldest town in Denmark, and in Scandinavia, you will find many traces of the Vikings. You can visit museums that are telling the story about Ribe, Denmark and the Vikings. Always interesting to explore for children and adults.

Visit Ribes Vikinger, a museum where you can explore how Ribe was founded and how the town’s inhabitants lived when Ribe was a major European trading centre.

You can also visit Ribe Vikingecenter, which is a reconstructed and enlivened Ribe in the viking age on a full scale. Here all senses can be used.
In May you can join the International Viking Market at Ribe Vikingecenter. Enjoy some amazing days alongside Vikings, archers, craftsmen, warriors, riders and many others.

You can find Denmark's biggest play park in Ribe. Riplay is the place, where play, learning and knowledge are combined with a direct line to Ribe's ancient history. Try if you can complete the longest climbing universe in Denmark, which is 104 meters long.

Are you interested in life in, on and under the sea? Then you must visit the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg. Discover oceans of stories in Denmark's museum of the Sea.

Where to stay when you are in Denmark? Historic hotels, inns, holiday homes or apartments, hostels, Bed & Breakfast or campsites?
The Wadden Sea has many different kinds of accomodation, depending on your preferences.

You can stay in the countryside or in the cities, so you get exactly the kind of holiday you want.

The small islands, Mandø and Fanø, in the Wadden Sea are unique places to relax.

Mandø has its own daily rhythm, which also affects the residents. Twice a day the tide turns Mandø into an island and twice a day you can drive to Mandø.

Come to Mandø and feel the pulse of the Wadden Sea, which is very special here in a way you don’t experience anywhere else. You are here on nature’s terms.

Or maybe you want to visit Koresand, which is Denmark's biggest desert. It is a large sandbank in the Wadden Sea, located southwest of Mandø.
At high tide Koresand is an island, but at low tide it becomes landlocked with Mandø.
You can be on Koresand for approx. 3 hours before high tide cuts off Koresand from Mandø.

Fanø is a fantastic place to relax and be active at the same time.
On the western side of Fanø, holiday homes, campsites and hotels are scattered across the beautiful dune landscape.

The majority of Fanø is nature, and it is part of the Wadden Sea National Park.

Are you into action, then Fanø is a wonderful spot to visit. The beaches of Fanø are perfect for surfing, beach cruising, kite flying, horseback riding and much more.

We welcome you to the Wadden Sea.