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Fisheries and Maritime Museum - Denmark's museum of the Sea

Denmark's museum for life in, with and on the sea. Discover oceans of stories about life on and under the sea.

Discover maritime stories of the culture and life that has unfolded at sea and life beneath the surface of the sea. With our heart in Esbjerg, we are Denmark's museum of the sea and have been telling Denmark's maritime history since 1968.

Exhibitions - The sea is the main theme in all our exhibitions. Get the story of life hiding beneath the surface of the sea and the culture that has unfolded at sea.

Friland - With our outdoor maritime environments you can see and experience boats of different types and buildings that all tell the maritime history of Denmark. You can also discover a bunker from World War II and on selected days you can experience the port's trades when the working workshops are open.

Seals - Meet the grey seal, Denmark's largest predator, in our sealarium. Get close to the grey seals and the harbour seals when we feed them every day at 11.00 and 14.30.

The Aquarium - See the marine life and environment from the shallows of the shore to the deep waters at the bottom of the North Sea. In our touching pool, it is possible to touch some of the fish that swim around in Danish waters.

Architecture - The museum's original building from 1968 was designed by architects Halldor Gunnløgsson and Jørn Nielsen. Over time, renovations and additions have been made to the buildings, but the characteristic round corners and other architectural details remain an important part of the building and its expression.