Tilde Rudbeck fra Fanø

Meet Tilde Rudbeck from Fanø

Photo: Vadehavskysten

My name’s Tilde Rudbeck and I’m 36. I’ve got two beautiful kids aged 12 and 14, Anna and Peter. And we live together with my husband Claus and his three children. So we’ve got five lovely children altogether.

We live above our restaurant. It’s a family-owned restaurant. My parents had it from 2011 and I took it over with my sister in 2017.

It’s a lunch restaurant and delicatessen that sells all the fabulous ingredients we have in the Wadden Sea National Park and which we surround ourselves with every day.

I’ve lived on Fanø since I was two years old with a bit of toing and froing depending on my education and so on but have always ended up back on the island.

I love everything about Fanø. There is an absolutely amazing tranquility about the place and some wonderful people live here.

We live in the city of Nordby, so our spare time is all about getting into the great outdoors. We come down here to Sønderho, using the harbour and the landscape and the dunes, and enjoy a good lunch.

You should come for a holiday on the Wadden Sea Coast because it’s just so beautiful.

You relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

You get out into the natural landscape.

You have to go out to the seals.

You have to collect amber and oysters and experience all the great things in the natural environment.

It’s fantastic to experience all the seasons of the year here because the nature here changes so very much.

As you can see now, we’re in one of the most charming areas on Fanø, Sønderho. Although I’ve lived here just about all my life, I still enjoy a walk through the cosy little streets, looking at the houses and enjoying a Sunday here in Sønderho.