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Nordby - Fanø's Capital

From Esbjerg, the ferry service sails to Fanø’s main town, Nordby – a lovely 12 minute crossing. Enough time to wind down and relax for a bit. Nordby is a small town with a wonderful atmosphere and lots of beautiful old houses, not to mention the lovely landscape that surrounds it.

The closeness to nature is already felt at the harbour. From the promenade, one can sit and enjoy the many wading birds. Moreover, seals often lie on the small sandbank only 50 metres from the harbour.

In comparison with old photographs, you can see that many of the small streets and paths have not changed significantly for centuries. You shouldn’t let yourself miss out on the great experience it is to walk about in the small crooked streets in Nordby.

Nordby is also a modern and active little town. With its 2,800 inhabitants, Nordby is the commercial and administrative centre on Fanø. Town Hall, the Health Centre, the Public Library, the Sports Centre, the Tourist Office and other institutions are located here.