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Sønderho on Fanø - Denmark's most beautiful village

It is with good reason that Sønderho has been named Denmark's most beautiful village. The many old, beautiful houses there, the out-of-the-way location and the atmosphere ooze Danish cosiness.

The village is well protected from wind and water behind dunes to the west and south and behind green dikes to the north and east. Almost all the cottages in the village stand with their house ends to the east and west surrounded by small gardens and open greens. Between the plots ramifies a labyrinthine network of narrow paths and crooked streets.

Sønderho is being referred to as a cultural pearl with the many well preserved buildings. The buildings in Sønderho are characteristic and the style of building have stubbornly been adhered to. So-called modern houses have been built in the village, but the traditional Fanø cottages still are the more charming ones.

Due to modern technology it is possible to settle in Sønderho and still have a working life that reaches beyond Fanø. Sønderho's citizens' association aims to preserve Sønderho as a living community rooted in old traditions.