Nature experiences on Mandø

The marsh island Mandø is situated in the middle of the Wadden Sea National Park, and has attained status as a game and nature reserve. Nature adventures are available year round on Mandø in the breeding and migration seasons the island is a paradise for bird lovers.

In the spring, the purple heather blooms. In the summer, you can observe the seals, swim and collect amber on the sandbar Koresand. The autumn offers murmuration (Black Sun) and the winter landscape tempts with oyster safaris.

Birdlife on Mandø
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Fugleliv på Mandø

Folder om trækfugle og ynglefugle på Mandø.

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Mandø by bike
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Mandø rundt på cykel

Følg ruten i folderen og oplev hele Mandø.

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Map of Mandø
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Kort over Mandø

Kortet viser vandre- og cykelstier på Mandø.

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