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Video clips from the Wadden Sea

Photo: Vadehavskysten

The Wadden Sea is Denmark’s largest National Park. In many ways such a magnificent nature area that it simply must be experienced. The silence, the infinite and ever-changing landscape creates an enduring memory. Here you can watch a number of video clips about the Wadden Sea area.

Solnedgang ved Nationalpark Vadehavet | Vadehavskysten

Call from the Wadden Sea

Kammerslusen ved RIbe | Vadehavskysten

Ribe and the Wadden Sea

Fugle i Nationalpark Vadehavet | Vadehavskysten

Mandø and the Wadden Sea National Park

Film om verdensarvssteder i syddanmark | Vadehavskysten

World Heritage Sites in Southern Denmark

Fugletræk i Nationalpark Vadehavet | Vadehavskysten

Spring migration

Langli | Vadehavskysten


Marskens huse | Vadehavskysten

The houses of the marsh

Sort Sol over Ribe | Vadehavskysten

Starling Magic

Skallingen | Vadehavskysten


National Park Wadden Sea

Sneum - Ribe - Esbjerg | Vadehavskysten

Sneum - Ribe - Esbjerg

Marbæk Plantage | Vadehavskysten


Sort Sol | Vadehavskysten

Starling Magic

Fanø fra luften | Vadehavskysten


Fanø på hesteryg | Vadehavskysten