Transportation to Mandø

Photo: Vadehavskysten

In the middle of the new Wadden Sea National Park lies an island that can only be reached at the low tide. The public road, Låningsvejen is raised above the seabed, but is still flooded twice every 24 hours by the tide.

All traffic between Mandø and the mainland is cut off twice every 24 hours because of the tide. During the summer months, the tractor busses cross the wadden twice every day to and from Mandø.

During the summer months, the tractor bus cross the wadden twice every day to and from Mandø.
Driving to Mandø, the tractor bus are recommended. Not only is it a great experience, but you will also travel to and from the island safe and sound. Please check the website of Mandøbussen to find the arrivals and departures that suit your plans.

Driving in own car to Mandø

It is possible to drive on your own to Mandø, but you must know the tides beforehand. So you must
call Ellen from the local store on Mandø on +45 24 80 09 20 or Berit from Restaurant Vadehavet on +45 22 79 14 07 and get the tide times, before you set out on your own to the island of Mandø.


Mandøbussen - tractor bus to Mandø

Mandøbussen has for more than 30 years been driving guests to and from Mandø. The trip goes through the Wadden Sea National Park and is a unique experience.