The sculpture Man Meets the Sea | By the Wadden Sea

Attractions in Esbjerg

With the colossal sculpture Man Meets the Sea, Denmark's gateway to the west opens out to the world and welcomes you to Esbjerg. Esbjerg can offer its visitors grand art and architecture, exciting museums, and not least unique nature thanks to its location next to the Wadden Sea.

Benefits For You
Wadden Sea Centre | Ribe | By the Wadden Sea
Be Happy Pass
Exhibition area in the Wadden Sea Center | By the Wadden Sea
Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet
Fisheries and Maritime Museum

Visiting the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg, only a stone’s throw from the North Sea, one understands better the relationship between man and the sea. 

Møder og konferencer | Mennesket ved Havet
Man Meets the Sea

Near the beach just north of Esbjerg’s bustling port - as if designed to be a thought-provoking contrast - stands a major work of Danish sculpture: Svend Wiig Hansen’s ”Man meets the Sea” (1994). 

Esbjerg Museum | Vadehavskysten
Esbjerg Museum

From its beginnings in 1868, Esbjerg became the 5th largest city in Denmark in just 100 years. It took the lead in areas such as urban development, social policy, schools and kindergartens. 

Esbjerg Kunstmuseum | Vadehavskysten
Esbjerg Art Museum

Esbjerg’s Art Museum uses modern methods to disseminate contemporary art. Like the city itself, the museum focuses on innovation, bringing children and adults into direct contact with art. 

Esbjerg Art Museum | By the Wadden Sea


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