Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) by the Wadden Sea

Photo: Mehdi Benkaci

Explore the Wadden Sea from the water side on a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board. By the Wadden Sea you can try Stand Up Paddle near Fanø Bad, Rindby Strand, Sjelborg north of Esbjerg and near Skibbroen in Ribe.

Are you a beginner or an experienced stand up paddler? No matter what level you are at, you have the opportunity to try stand up paddle in several different places around Esbjerg, Fanø and Ribe.

Wearing a life jacket is mandatory when stand up paddling.


You can, in principle, do stand up paddle all the way around Fanø, but the western side of Fanø from Fanø Bad to the beach sailing area is one of the most obvious places on Fanø.
This place on Fanø is open sea, but with reasonable and calm current conditions. It is a shallow area and there are usually no big waves.
Therefore, it is good water for stand up paddle and kitesurfing, but not suitable for windsurfing.

You can also paddle in the area around Nordby, i.e. Fanø Bugt and along the coast to the north. It is primarily used by local SUPers, as there is quite a strong current in the fairway and you have to pay close attention to the ferry because you will be paddling close to it when you paddle north.

The advantage of the place is that you can paddle past the small seal colony on the sea floor at a respectful distance without causing panic among the seals. They have become accustomed to being close to people. The area around the marina is a good place for beginners.

You can also stand up paddle at Sønderho Harbour by Børsen, where there is a rich birdlife.

Avoid paddling in the southern part of the western coast on Fanø and into the tidal channel through Galgerev.
Large groups of seals often lie here, all the way to Sønderho. The seals are not used to sailing objects, so they throw themselves into the water if a kayak or SUP passes by. It can stress them out.
The seals do not care about pedestrians, but avoid all water sports in that area, to be considerate of the seals.

Stand Up Paddle on Fanø can be combined with a trip to the beach sauna and Beachracer, Blokart on the beach.


Sjelborg Strand north of Esbjerg is a fantastic place to stand up paddle. Here you have a view of Ho Bay and the tidal island of Langli and are close to the nature area Marbæk Plantage.

Hjerting Beach by Hjerting Badehotel and Ho Bugt Sailing Club is also often used by people on stand up paddles, where you also have a view of Langli and Fanø in the northern part of the Wadden Sea National Park.

On Esbjerg Beach by Esbjerg's new paradise for water lovers, Aqtiv, you will find a floating bridge with a ramp and here stand up paddle is also an option.


Explore Denmark's oldest town from the water on a stand up paddle and feel the whir of history when you paddle from Skibbroen at Ribe Å in the center of Ribe.

A few years ago, Ribe Rowing Club started stand up paddle, so you can try it under the expert guidance of instructors.

Explore the unique nature of the Wadden Sea National Park when you paddle along Ribe Vesterå towards Kammerslusen, which is one of the favorite destinations for the guests in the area.
Here you will see a very rich bird and animal life on your way towards the Wadden Sea and the Ribemarsken.