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Søren Jessens Sand on Fanø

Large ships sailing around in the sand. Is that really possible? No of course not, it's an eye trick that you get when you stand on Sørens Jessen's Sand and look to the west.

Søren Jessens Sand is the northernmost part of the sandy beach on the west side of the island. Here the beach is more than 1 km wide and looks like a sand desert. Here you can really experience the dynamics of nature, where the wind transports large amounts of sand back and forth. It is a great experience to see the sand drift that looks like a rolling blanket of sand.

Grådyb, which is the channel to Esbjerg Harbor, is very close. Therefore, it looks like the ships are sailing in the sand. Close to the dune range on the eastern side of Søren Jessens Sand, it has the more character of a beach meadow. Be careful not to disturb the beach birds when they incubate.

Søren Jessens Sand is popular as a naturist beach.