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The Old Town Hall in Ribe

Experience a historic time when you visit the Old Town Hall in Ribe.

Ribe’s old Town Hall was built before 1496, and has been used as the town’s city hall from 1708 until 2007, when the last town councillor meeting was held. On the walls in old Commoner’s hall hang a collection of portraits of vassals and councillors from 1600-1900.
The former debtor’s prison has been converted to a museum about the laws and statutes in Ribe. Stories are told about town halls, town gates and commerce. Here, you can see the town’s seal, standard dimensions, drinking cup, law book, and spiked mace, thumb screws and more.

Wedding Ceremonies at the Old Town Hall
In these romantic surroundings, civil wedding ceremonies take place. In so far as possible, the ceremonies are performed onthe bridal couple’s premises: there is time for taking pictures, exchanging rings and other special wishes. The wedding ceremony is formal, yet relaxed and celebratory. The ceremonies are performed in Danish, German or Englishon or Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

More information at the Municipal Office for Marriage Licences, Giørtz Plads, DK 6760 Ribe, tel +45 76 16 89 00.
Weddings in Esbjerg Kommune

In the house you can also experience the small, fine exhibition about the great and distinctive composer Rued Langgaard.


Experience Ribe with a guide

And in addition to all that, The Old Town Hall is also where all the city’s watchmen and guides are based. You can book your own guide in Ribe on https://www.detgamleraadhusiribe.dk/en/book-a-guide/