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Gadens stemmer / Voices of the Streets

Experience a unique city tour through the streets of Esbjerg with Voices of the Streets, delving into the shadows of society. Listen to personal narratives shedding light on life on the streets of Esbjerg, encompassing elements of crime, substance abuse, and homelessness.

Embark on an intense and captivating journey through the streets of Esbjerg that lasts for an hour and a half. At Voices of the Streets, the guides are individuals who have lived significant portions of their lives on the fringes of society or entirely outside of it. During the city tour, they openly share their experiences, insights, and stories about life on the streets, offering a perspective that few are familiar with. The guides at Voices of the Streets are socially vulnerable individuals engaged in meaningful employment, contributing with their stories to break down stigmas and prejudices between people. Alongside the harsh narratives, there is room for hope, smiles, and optimism.

Voices of the Streets offers private tours in English in Esbjerg for large and small groups. Contact them directly with your inquiry.