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Aqtiv in Esbjerg

Esbjerg's new paradise for all water dogs.
Aqtiv provides the best conditions for enjoying life on the water, surrounded by Esbjerg Strand.

Aqtiv in Esbjerg is located in the lagoon behind Esbjerg Strand at Esbjerg Brygge.
You can swim from a new, floating bathing bridge.
After the swim, you can use the outdoor showers or you can go to the sauna.

There are new changing rooms and toilets as well as lockers for valuables. Just remember a lock.

In addition, more water sports facilities are on the way. You can e.g. look forward to obstacle courses, swimming courses, water polo courses, a wakeboard course etc., which are for experienced as well as beginners. This is included in the plan when the next phase of the project is ready.


The new facilities on land

On land, there is a brand new building built into the dyke across from "Mennesket ved Havet".

In the building you can find changing rooms, toilets, a sauna, a preparation and washing area, a storage room for gear and lockers for valuables.
There are also table and bench, so you can have a pleasant day at Esbjerg Strand.
A floating bridge has been built on the water, so access to the water is easy.

Opening hours in the new building with sauna, changing rooms and toilets:

Toilets and changing: 6am-10pm.
Sauna: at 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm.


Important information about the sauna

The sauna at Esbjerg Strand is open to the public twice a day. Every morning from 7am to 9am and again from 4pm to 6pm. It is free of charge to use the sauna.
If you use the sauna, you must be aware that the sauna stove cannot tolerate you pouring water on it.
You may only pour a little water directly into the water reservoir in front of the stones at the top of the sauna stove. Be careful not to get scalded by the hot steam.
You must not pour scented oils on the stones or in the water tank.


Watch out for the red flag

Esbjerg Municipality monitors the water quality in the lagoon around Esbjerg Strand throughout the year.
If the bathing water quality is not good enough and it is not safe to be in the water, a red flag will be raised on the flagpole at the south bridge on the mainland side.
If the red flag is raised, do not go into the water.


Water play

On water, in addition to the bathing bridge, you can also frolic on a 400-metre open-water course and two triangular courses for swimmers in the lagoon behind the island and a kayak-polo course at the Maritime Centre.

Here, the kayak polo field at the Maritime Center is also ready for water play.

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New activities on the way

You can look forward to even more water sports facilities and activities at Aqtiv.

The upcoming new water sports facilities:

Wakeboard cable car incl. starting bridge and obstacles
Agility course
Floating bridges
Sea kayak technique course
Canoe slalom course
Water polo/SUP combination track
Mini tracks
SUP yoga course
Play buoys with handles and target buoys
Military swimming pool
50 m swimming lanes
Floating pontoon
Equipment for tackle storage