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Recreation Guide

Photo: Vadehavskysten

Enjoy the holiday, experience the area and help us take the best possible care of the Wadden Sea, here you get 10 good and sustainable advice on how you can be the best guest.

We remind each other that we are guests in nature, the home of plants and animals

We pick up the rubbish we find, even if it is not our own.

We plan our activities before we head out

We ensure our dogs are kept on leads, to avoid disturbing birds and animals unnecessarily.

We respect and help other guests in nature.

We do our utmost to avoid disturbing birds and animals, and leave plants where they grow.

We avoid, as much as possible, disturbing wildlife between dusk and dawn.

We enjoy the sounds of nature best, by turning down our own volume.

We avoid geotagging our social media posts, so that others can enjoy the discovery of nature’s hidden treasures.

We stick to official roads and marked paths.

The Wadden Sea National Park

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Code of Conduct folder

Photo: Gitte Lindenborg