Lise Frederiksen fra Ribe | Vadehavskysten

Meet Lise Frederiksen from Ribe

Photo: Vadehavskysten

My name’s Lise Frederiksen and I’m married to Poul Anker Nielsen. I’ve been living in Ribe for 34 years. And together we’ve got three children and five grandchildren.

I own a café down in Ribe town centre, where I arrange loads of different concerts and events with my staff and volunteers. Helping arrange events has become a big part of my life.

There is an atmosphere in Ribe which is completely, almost indefinable. The Wadden Sea and the surrounding area are exciting even in the coldest winter in January. It offers something every day of the year.

Autumn has all its great natural experiences with the bird migration of all different kinds. And when you talk to some of the older people in the area, they always say “The birds have always been here”. They don’t count it as anything.

There is an atmosphere in Ribe which is completely, almost indefinabl

When you have a guide with you, you get a really exciting insight into so much more than just the birds – about a whole lot of other nature too. Otherwise I think there’s something to experience here all the time.

And of course when you’re in Ribe you must go out and experience the streets.

Walk the streets and see all the beautiful houses.

We have just so many listed buildings.

As far as I know, we’re the town with the most listed buildings in the whole province.

And then you have to go and visit some of the museums.

I think there’s so much history to discover here.

I also think there’s a really wide selection of good restaurants along the Wadden Sea Coast, and they all make good use of the excellent local ingredients that are actually produced right across our whole area.