Photo: Vadehavskysten

Whether you like fishing in rivers or Put & Take, the area offers great experiences. The rivers around Ribe and Esbjerg offers some of Denmark's best fishing waters. In addition, there are beautifully situated angling lakes close to Ribe and Esbjerg.

Welcome to the best fishing locations in Denmark
In the southwestern part of Denmark you´ll find angling locations of very high standard and every stream has a fine population of fish.

Contrary to lots of our neighbouring countries you´ll never find streams or lakes with no fish, and if you get familiar with the conditions you´ll hardly ever return empty handed from a day of fishing.

National Fishing licence and pass
Everyone aged between 18 and 65 angling in Denmark must hold a valid angling licence. You can buy your angling licence on

For fishing in trout lakes (Put and Take) an angling licence is not required. You pay per day/hour on the site. 

A Fishing permit is also required when fishing in Kongeå, Sneum Å and Holsted Å. They can be purchased on or locally in Esbjerg from Efi.

Angling in the National Park

Fishing has been a part of everyday life in the Wadden Sea since the last ice age, and a fishing trip is a wonderful way to experience our incredible nature.

We have compiled a list of tips to ensure that your fishing trip is as enjoyable for local wildlife and other guests as it is for you.

  • We make sure that we are in possession of the correct fishing licence. All persons aged between 18 and 65 must carry a valid fishing licence, regardless of whether they are fishing in fresh or salt water.
  • We follow Danish fishing regulations, and avoid fishing in protected areas.
  • We always use designated footpaths when accessing our favourite fishing spots, and avoid walking on newly sown fields.
  • We take other guests into consideration and make sure to stand at least 20 metres from the nearest angler.
  • We take all hooks and bits of lines with us, to ensure that birds and other wildlife, as well as other guests don’t suffer harm from them.
  • We never catch more than we ourselves can consume or fit in our freezer.
  • If we release the fish we have caught, we make sure that it doesn’t suffer while we handle it.
  • We pick up any rubbish we find, even if it is not our own.
  • We are guests in nature and strive to avoid disturbing birds and seals, who use up essential energy when taking flight or hauling out.
  • We understand and respect that the Wadden Sea is ruled by wind and water, and therefore always ensure we have checked the weather conditions before setting out.

Wadden Sea National Park - Code of Conduct