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See nature from a different angle - a trip by canoe, kayak or rowing boat will enable the entire family to enjoy the great outdoors.

Sliding quietly through the water, you will be able to take a close look at the animal and plant life that is all around us.

The River Ribe Å, which is created by the convergence of the rivers Gels Å and Fladså, has its outlet in the Wadden Sea at Kammerslusen. The town of Ribe splits the river into two sections, known as the rivers Ribe Østerå and Ribe Vesterå. The split is the result of a dam built in the 1200s, along with three water mills designed to exploit the power of the water. 

Navigating the River Ribe Å
Sailing is permitted all year round. Note, however, that it is not possible to sail right through the town of Ribe. Please refer to the map. 

If you want to sail down the River Ribe Å, you can set off from Stavnager bridge. The distance to Ribe is 10 km, while the distance to the river’s outlet in the Wadden Sea is 17 km. Just east of Ribe, the river cuts through a wildlife reserve (the River Ribe Østerå) where sailing is only permitted in the main current (3). Immediately after the railway bridge in Ribe (4), keep left and follow the River Stampemølleå where you’ll find a landing site (5). Please note that the middle section of the River Stampemølleå is only accessible to river bank owners.

To navigate the river west of Ribe (the River Ribe Vesterå), set off from Skibbroen/Hovedengen (6). You will pass below Ribe’s western bypass and continue west through the flat marshes known as Ribemarsk. Follow the river as far west as possible, and you will eventually reach Kammerslusen in Ribediget (Ribe Dike).

Please note that you are only allowed to sail against the current along the River Ribe Vesterå.

Navigating other rivers
Southwest Jutland has a number of large rivers where sailing is possible, including the rivers Ribe Å, Varde Å and Sneum Å. There are also numerous medium-sized and smaller rivers and streams, such as Holsted Å and Holme Å, that run through areas of great natural beauty.

Canoeing down a river can be a wonderful outdoor experience for everyone, including school children. Canoeing trips on the rivers in Denmark have become popular with many. This has meant that certain restrictions have had to be imposed – not only for nature’s sake, but for the sake of all those who use the rivers. Information - Esbjerg Kommune. Thomas Jensen: +45 76 16 15 29.

Sailing in the Wadden Sea
When sailing in the Wadden Sea you need to know some special rules, read more Contact if necessary Naturstyrelsen, Ribe, +45 72 54 30 00 for further information.