Pige på cykel på Fanø | Vadehavskysten

Fanø by bike

Photo: Vadehavskysten

There are bike paths between all the urban areas on Fanø (Nordby, Fanø Bad, Rindby Strand and Sønderho), so biking on Fanø is safe - for both children and adults.

Fanø has a length of approximately 15 km and measures 5 km at the widest point, so the distances are short. A bike is the ideal transportation for getting around the island.

The Atlantic Wall

The Atlantic Wall trip is available in a short version of 16 km and a slightly longer version of 26 km. The bike ride takes you around to some of the most distinctive facilities built by the German occupying forces during World War II. In many places on Fanø, gray concrete bunkers are still seen scattered around the dunes. These are the remains of the Atlantic Wall, a huge fortification from northern Norway to Spain, which the German Army built during World War II to prevent an invasion by the Western Allies.

Mountain Bike Fanø dune plantation

The trail is 7 km and is beautifully situated on the western side of Fanø Klitplantage. It belongs among the lighter categories of mountain bike routes. You cycle most of the time inside the forest on a relatively flat but winding route.

The Big Five

The route is 37 km and takes you around the 5 highest mountains on Fanø. Mountains are so much said, they are dune peaks with a height of between 15 and 21 meters. The 5 dunes are spread all over Fanø and show different stages in the island's development. Despite their modest height, there is a great view from the top.

World Heritage Wadden Sea

This route takes you around the whole island. Along the way you can experience some of the most characteristic landscapes and habitats. The Wadden Sea has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, primarily because it is one of the world's largest tidal areas with irreplaceable natural values. It is also one of Europe's most important resting areas for migratory birds.

Panorama route 404 (air under the wings)

This route is 26 km. Panorama route 404 is the only one of the routes that has been marked so far. The panoramic route is the essence of Fanø in a few hours. It takes you both through some of the characteristic landscapes, the wide and bike-friendly North Sea beach and the cozy skipper town Nordby.