Sov på Fanø | Vadehavskysten

Sleep on Fanø

2,800 holiday homes, 7 campsites 5 hotels and inns, 2 large holiday apartment complexes and a large number of small private B&Bs. Fanø has a very large and varied selection of accommodation options.

The holiday homes are beautifully located in the dune areas close to the water in Fanø Bad, Rindby Strand and Sønderho and are the perfect form of accommodation close to nature. The same can be said about the campsites, which are also located in the cottage areas.
The historic Sønderho Kro and Fanø Krogaard from the 18th century as well as the small Badehotel Kellers set the bar high when we talk hotel accommodation. In addition, Nørby Kro and the budget-friendly Fanø Night & Stay.

More accommodation
Read more about the many accommodation options on Fanø. There is something for almost every taste and budget.