Kitesurf på Fanø

Kitesurfing on Fanø

Photo: Vadehavskysten

Fanø offers kitesurfing in the North Sea. The tide means that the waves change character and thus the challenges also change.

On the west side of Fanø you have the perfect conditions for kitesurfing. The beach is wide, you can drive on the beach the about 2 km down to the designated surf area, and you can park right out by the water. Lots of space for launch.

The spot constantly offers new opportunities due to the sandreefs and the tide in the Wadden Sea.

On the same day there may be flat, shallow, water inland (perfect beginner, or to practice tricks), chopped a little further out, and 1-2 m waves furthest out.

The spot can be sailed S, N, W, NW and SW. V is best as it provides optimal conditions if surfing waves.

Kitesurf spot

Kitesurfing på Fanø