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The Wadden Sea

Photo: Vadehavskysten

The Wadden Sea - Unesco World Heritage - is Denmark's largest National Park and among the most valuable wetland areas in the world and of crucial importance for breeding birds, fish, ocean mammals and plant life.

Four times every twenty-four hours, a bilion cubic meters of water is moved through the Wadden Sea, where powerful forces are in play when the tide creates mudflats and sandflats by moving mud and sand in dramatic fashion.

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Wadden Sea Centre - The Gate to UNESCO World Heritage

The Wadden Sea -The Gate to UNESCO World Heritage. The Migratory Birds Wadden Sea.

Photo: Vadehavskysten

The Island of Mandø

Visit the unique and beautiful little island in the midle of the Wadden Sea - only reachable when the tides are low on tractor busses. Distance from the cruise ship 50 km. 41 km by car to the tractor bus stop - see how to get to Mandø

Fanø fra luften | Vadehavskysten
Photo: Vadehavskysten

The island of Fanø

Fanoe is holiday at the north sea, wide sandy beaches and great nature experiences only 12 min. by ferry from Esbjerg. Distance from the cruise ship to the ferry 1,3 km. Departures from Esbjerg every 20 minutes.

Tours in the Wadden Sea south of Esbjerg

Experience the wild life of the Wadden Sea with a local guide - seals, oysters, birds and much more.