Tour ferry Mandøpigen - our activities

The Mandøpigen is flat-bottomed and relatively light and can therefore effortlessly slide across flat-water areas, while remaining stable in the deep tidal currents that intersect the Wadden Sea.

We have many different tours and if you are a group, we are happy to help with a package that suits you. We can accommodate 12 guests on board, the minimum number to complete a trip is 4 people.

We call on 3 different places: Mandø, Juvre on Rømø and Ribe Kammer Sluse. See more info at the bottom of this page.

Oyster Safari (cold months)
A trip of approx. 4 hours duration. We sail out to the oyster banks in the Wadden Sea, where we usually see seals along the way. We have waders, buckets and knives for everyone, so we can get off the boat at the oyster bank and pick oysters, back on the boat you can taste your fresh oysters and we serve a glass of bubbles for this.

Seal Safari
A trip of approx. 3 hours duration. We sail out into the wadden sea to the sand banks where we know that the seals tend to rest / sunbathe, at a suitable distance there will be good opportunity to see / film the seals. Seals are curious and will often swim very close to the boat.

Island hop
A trip of approx. 2 hours, the trip always goes to or from Mandø, with Ribe Kammer Sluse or Juvre on Rømø as another port. It is free and obvious to bring bicycles on this trip.