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Seal Safari with the Wadden Sea Center

With the Wadden Sea Center, you can experience one of Denmark's largest predators - the seal.

The Wadden Sea Center's seal trips start with an introduction about the seals and their biology. After the introduction, drive in your own car to Mandø, where a 3 km walk along the dike and beyond the seabed to the seal bank awaits. At a good distance and with telescopes, we can get "completely close" to the seals without disturbing them in their natural behavior.

All participants must be able to walk at least 6 km without difficulty.

The seal trip take place

08.05. kl. 10.45

21.05. kl. 10.45

01.08. kl. 08.15

02.08. kl. 09.15

03.08. kl. 09.15

06.08. kl. 12.15

07.08. kl. 13.15

17.08. kl. 09.15

20.08. kl. 12.15

04.09. kl. 12.15