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Seal Safari (GB) | Club Fanø

A Wadden Sea hike to the Seal Bank is one of the most exciting things to do on Fanø. The Sand Bank southwest of Sønderho is the best spot in the National Park to see both the harbor seal and the gray seal. Normally there are between 200 and 400 seals resting on the bank.

1.7 km southwest of Fanø is the sandbank Galgerev. Here is one of the largest seal populations in the Wadden Sea and enjoys life. Join our guide on a hike to the seal bank. It is one of the great experiences on Fanø. At low tide, the water has receded so we can walk on the seabed.

Our seal safari is a real family experience and we do a lot to give the children a few exciting hours. We make stops several times along the way and tell about the seals and the fantastic nature area that we are in.

Remember rubber boots and warm clothes, as the trip takes place on foot on the bottom of the Wadden Sea and it is sometimes windy on the Wadden Sea. In the summer, the trip can be done barefoot.

It is possible to rent Wellingtons from Club Fanø's office at Sønderklit 4a in Fanø Bad.

It is possible to take a stroller, a tow truck or similar with you for small children who cannot walk all the way. It is also possible to have a dog on a leash.

This version is done in English and German.

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