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Sailing in Ho Bugt with the cutter E1 Claus Sørensen

Join E.1 - "Claus Sørensen" on a sailing trip in the Wadden Sea National Park.

With the Fisheries and Maritime Museum's cutter you can go on a sailing trip in Ho Bugt and experience the wild nature at first hand when we sail out into the Wadden Sea National Park. 

You're guaranteed to be blown away and enjoy a unique nature experience with the Wadden Sea's animal and bird life. If you're lucky, you might meet the grey seal, which at an impressive 300 kg is considered Denmark's largest predator, or the slightly smaller spotted seal, which is the most common in Denmark - if they're there, that is, because we're not masters of nature and can't give a seal guarantee.

The trip takes place on the fishing cutter E.1 "Claus Sørensen", which was built in 1931 and is the last real cutter in Esbjerg - you are thus guaranteed an authentic experience on board an old wooden ship worth preserving.  

Location: Esbjerg Strand

Duration: 1,5 hours


Practical information

Where does the ship depart from?
E.1 "Claus Sørensen" docks at Esbjerg Strand next to the Museum Lightship, from where all trips depart. It is about 1 km. walking distance from the museum. It is also possible to drive all the way down and park close to the ship via Esbjerg Brygge.


Accessibility and convenience on board
Unfortunately, the E.1 is not suitable for people with walking difficulties. Boarding is via a staircase and the entire deck area is both narrow and sloping. There is limited seating up on deck, so you have to be prepared for standing. There are tables and benches in the galley below deck via a steep ladder. Assistance for the disabled or a wheelchair user can be arranged in advance with the help of the crew.


Food and drink
You are allowed to bring your own food and drink. We recommend that you bring a bottle of water for the trip.  


Toilet facilities
There is a flush toilet on board the cutter. The toilet is below deck with access via a steep ladder.  


Bring practical clothes. Although the weather on land is fine, it is always colder at sea. The weather can also change suddenly from sunshine to showers and wind. In the event of a shower, it is possible to go below deck and be shielded from the rain, but the experience is always best on deck with guaranteed wind in your hair - and in the worst case, foam splashing in your face.


Our skilled crew all have extensive sailing experience and consist of a mix of former fishermen and active seamen in the merchant navy. There are always two men on board - a captain and a bosun - looking after your comfort and safety on board.


The ship has a crew of 2 and can sail with up to 23 passengers. It is equipped with two 25-person inflatable life rafts and modern life jackets for everyone. Life jackets for children are also available in several sizes. Children must wear life jackets while sailing. Crew members are trained to deal with accidents at sea. The E.1 "Claus Sørensen" has been sailing for the Fisheries and Maritime Museum since 1978 without any injuries - apart from seasickness, which fortunately occurs rarely, as sailing is not done in bad weather. 
As a passenger, you are covered by your own insurance.


Cancellation in case of bad weather
Planned trips may be cancelled at short notice due to weather. The cutter will not depart in winds exceeding 12 m/s in the mean or in poor visibility caused by fog or sea spray. It is the skipper's decision and judgement whether the trip can be completed. Prepaid tickets will be refunded in case of cancellation.

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