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Rued Langgaard Festival in Ribe

Rued Langgaard Festival is an annual cultural event in Ribe, with the composer Rued Langgaard as the main character.

Rued Langgaard Festival in Ribe is an annually held classical music festival that presents music by the composer Rued Langgaard as well as works by one or several related composers.

In the 1940-52 period, Langgaard was cathedral organist of Ribe Cathedral which, together with Sct. Catharinæ Kirke, form the backdrop of the festival’s series of concerts. The concerts are linked to lectures, films and lounges.

The theme in 2022 will be "Infinity" with three Danish composers, Else Marie Pade, Per Nørgård and Rued Langgaard. The theme and music are presented and reflected in both tones, words, art, film and literature, so that the audience get insight into the music and the context in which it was written.