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One-wheeler School | Club Fanø

The beach on Fanø is perfect for One-Wheelers. One-Wheelers is an electric skateboard with one large wheel in the middle. It can take you out on trips everywhere. In the cities, on the bike paths and out in nature.

Have you tried skateboarding, snowboarding or ice skating, then you know how to do it. You control the board with your body balance. For complete beginners, we will teach you the basic techniques so that you can have a fun experience.

We have both the large model XR with a mileage of 30 km on a single charge and a maximum speed of 30 km/h, and the smaller Pint X, which is suitable for smaller children.

We do both beginner lessons, where you can learn the basic skills together with our instructors, and guided excursions around Fanø.

We do not rent out boards without a guide. Use of safety equipment such as a crash helmet and more is mandatory and the speed is adapted to the conditions and the participants' experience.