Nationalpark Safari on Fanø - our activities

Can a deep insight into nature bring you and your organization to new heights of understanding and learning? 

If your organization is ready for learning and change, the complexity and diversity of nature is an inexhaustible source of reflections in sustainable organizational improvements. Whether you want to give your employees a sublime experience in nature, or challenge the organization’s leadership, National Park Safari has the key to expanding your perspectives.

We create experiences for people and organizations, who appreciate professional guiding in the nature. One of Denmark’s most innovative and knowledgeable nature guides and university lecturer within organizational and strategic development, takes you to the edge of Denmark. Here you see nature, in a context you have not previously known or imagined with Seals and Eagles in a high diversity nature.

National Park Safari arrange customized events, where we go several steps deeper into the nature, and makes analogies to organizational culture, behavior and leadership - as a supplement to pure enjoyment.