Midsummer celebration in Ribe

Midsummer Events in Ribe

Midsummer Bonfire - at the old harbour (Skibbroen) and on the meadow across the river at 19.30.
True to tradition Ribe’s Rowing Club invites you to a nice evening at the clubhouse: a bonfire on the meadow across the river, and a witch flying over the river.
Music, stalls and a bonfire speech at the clubhouse on “Skibbroen”.

Summer Solstice - at Ribe Viking Museum
Experience how the banquet is prepared and how the Manor Farm is decorated. The Vikings sacrifice to the gods and gather around the midsummer pole to sing and dance. Come and join us!

Bonfire - on Mandø
Mandø has chosen to celebrate Midsummer’s Eve on a Saturday around the 23rd of June. (2021 on 26.06.) They call their celebration: Sct. Høns. The Wadden Sea is the most beautiful mirror for a bonfire. Have a wonderful evening!