Kites and Coffee on Fanø

A trip on the beach in a beach sailor is a must when you visit Fanø. It is easy and intuitive, above all fun, an unforgettable experience for most people.

It is for beginners who have never tried anything like it before, it is for families, children (from about 12 years) and adults, but also for more ambitious people who want to try their hand at wind and pace.

Our tours are with instruction, experienced guides instruct you before you get out in the wind, and the guide is there to help along the way. The equipment we use is new, top-trimmed beach sailors. (For those interested, it is a variant of the Libre Mini Racer developed by the Libre Team to drive the FISLY CLASS mini 5 compliant.) Easy to drive and super stable.

You borrow a helmet from us, and do not have to bring equipment, just comfortable clothes that suit the wind and weather, preferably a pair of sunglasses.

You book a driving time on our website (where there is also more information) or in our stores in Rindby or Fanø Bad. It is also in the shop that you pay and sign a driving contract before going to the beach.