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Fisherman for a day at the Fisheries and Maritime Museum

At the Fisheries and Maritime Museum, you can be a fisherman for a day during the summer holiday, learning how to make fishing nets and making sure you don't sail into an oil rig.

With our activity book in your hand, you'll get around the museum as a fisherman getting ready to go fishing, for example by building a lifeboat to take on the trip. You might also call your friend on another fishing boat to see how many fish he catches.

When you're ready to get on the water, you'll learn more about the different fish and where they are in the sea. You'll also learn the difference between plaice and cod because those are the ones you really want to catch.

But there could be more in the sea than fish and oil rigs - what could it be? Maybe it's a mermaid. You better get closer to it so you can find out.

Of course, a selfie is also required, and you can take that in the lobby to show you've been a fisherman for a day.

The activity book takes you on a journey as if you were a fisherman. You'll learn more about being a fisherman and what else is out there in the sea besides 600 fishing boats, all eager to catch lots of fish. Each little story is also accompanied by an activity, so you learn how a fisherman works when he goes fishing.

Besides being on a fishing adventure you can also experience: 

Creative workshop
From 10:30-17:00 you can visit our creative workshop, which invites you to use your imagination and unleash your creativity. Everything from pipe cleaners to colouring pencils are available so you can create whatever you like. In our open creative workshop, the only limit is your imagination. For example, you can draw a picture of ships and animals in the sea or you can make an octopus out of cardboard, flamingo balls and pipe cleaners. 

Fish feeding

At 13:00 you can watch as our facilitators select one of the aquariums in the aquarium hall and feed the animals in it. Beforehand, they will tell you a bit about the aquarium, the animals in it and what they are fed - and of course you are welcome to ask questions if you are a bit more curious about the animals in the aquarium.