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Fantasy Quest Esbjerg

Come and help us save Esbjerg. Come and have an extraordinary experience at the Fantasy Quest Esbjerg adventure race.

"One day the clouds drew together, over the sea to the west, which became unnaturally dark."

Lightning tore the sky. A large, winged creature could be seen in the sky. The four statues stood up, the guardians had been awakened, they were getting ready shouted. The cries could be heard across the land, across portals to other worlds. "Heroes are needed in Esbjerg!", they shouted. It's time for the heroes to gather. It is time for evil to be fought.
It is time for the portals to close.
It's time for Fantasy Quest Esbjerg.
Are you ready?"

Fantasy Quest Esbjerg is an experience race - a quest with tasks that must be solved along the way - which is based on a unique fantasy story written in collaboration with the Salmon Rider for Fantasy Quest Esbjerg.

"I am incredibly looking forward to Fantasy Quest Esbjerg. It is a completely unique concept in Esbjerg, I am looking forward to letting my imagination run wild in the coolest fantasy universe," says Lakserytteren, whom you can meet at the Quest in Esbjerg in September.

Fantasy Quest Esbjerg opens magical portals in the center of Esbjerg. It's a quest where we need you, because you help create the course of the story, decide how it all ends.

If you imagine "Prisoners at the Fort" with a few Escape Rooms, mazes, dragons, a lot of magic as well as theater, role playing, guardian fighters, heroes, villains yes, the battle between good and evil, then you are well on your way to Fantasy Quest Esbjerg.

The Quest is an experience race that you can take part in during the Fantasy Festival in Esbjerg on 14th September 2024. It has been developed in collaboration with Lakserytteren, the specialists from Sport & Event Park Esbjerg Dystopia Entertainment and Fantasy Festival.

Everyone can participate.

Fantasy Quest Esbjerg - Family edition: Here the whole family can participate. You are all heroes, especially the children will play a big role in saving Esbjerg. The degree of difficulty has been lowered so that the children can help solve the tasks. But make no mistake, all good powers and cooperative skills are needed if you are to help save Esbjerg. You can participate in the family version of the quest during the daytime during the Fantasy Festival.

Time of day: 10am-2pm

Fantasy Quest Esbjerg - Evening Quest: When twilight begins to descend over Esbjerg, the level of difficulty in the quest is turned up. Now you really have to think creatively and solve tasks that require both courage and kind cooperation so that you can complete the quest to save Esbjerg. You can participate in the AftenQuest both alone and with friends.

Time of day: 6pm-10pm

Time & Place
Come take part in Fantasy Quest Esbjerg on Saturday 14th September 2024.
You can participate in the Family Quest from 10am to 2pm
You can participate in Fantasy Quest Esbjerg from 6pm to 10pm

It takes approx. 1 hour to complete the quest, you will be contacted when we get close regarding your start time.

The quest starts at Torvet in Esbjerg (the main sqwuare) and the route leads you around the center of Esbjerg.