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Dance of the dunlins with the Wadden Sea Center

Experience dance of the dunlins on a hike in the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage.

In spring, hundreds of thousands birds can be found in the Wadden Sea National Park. Most are on a journey from their southern winter quarter to their breeding areas in the North. Some of the most numerous and smallest are the dunlins, making them the perfect target for birds of prey.

Some may be familiar with the murmuration of the starlings, however, the murmuration of the dunlins is much more spectacular. The dunlins have a white chest and a dark back. As they try to avoid being eaten, the flock will change between black and white. Some call it silver sun, we call it the dance of dunlins - and it's a dance of life and death. 

Unfortunately, predicting where the dunlins gather and whether the dunlins dance or not is impossible to predict. We can therefore not guarantee that we will experience the phenomenon. However, we will go to an area where the chances are best, but the rest is left up to nature. What we can guarantee is fresh air and the grandeur of the Wadden Sea as we visit one of the areas where the birds rest during high tide. 

We will hand out waders, as we will walk over a kilometer through the marshland and cross several tidal creeks. In total we will walk approx. 2.5 km in uneven terrain, mud, high grass and water.  

Please note:
The tour requires a car for the drive to the dike (2 km). 
Recommended age: From 14 years.

Duration: 3-4 hours


Dance of the dunlins takes place:

19.10. kl. 09.00