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Aquavit of the marshland

Go with the Wadden Sea Center on a schnapps trip and learn how to make spice schnapps from the Wadden Sea's herbs.

With the Wadden Sea Center you take a walk along the coast, on the beach meadow and a plantation behind the dikes. Here the seasonal herbs and berries are collected for use in spice schnapps. You learn about the plants' use in cooking and as medicinal plants in ancient times.

The trip is approx. 3-4 km and will be spiced with tasting of schnapps brewed on the herbs of the Wadden Sea.

Duration approx. 2-2.5 hours.

Schnapps tours takes place:

29.06. kl. 14.00

27.07. kl. 14.00

21.08. kl. 14.00

10.09. kl. 13.00